Behind These Doors

by Screens 4 Eyes

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Just as wonderful as the predecessor "Ask Me Not" - maybe even more captivating. Once again singer-songwriter Yael Brener takes us on a trip through mystic landscapes where alternative rock and synthwave meet. Favorite track: Channel To Id.
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released April 1, 2017

Yael Brener: Vocals, Keyboards, Arrangements
Assaf Cohen: Bass Guitar
Roney - Leigh Dubnov: Drums
Strings Arrangement on #1: Daniel Moshe
Guitar on #4: Thierry Dumas
Album Art by Roney - Leigh Dubnov
Recorded at Vibe Studio by Ofir Itzhaki & Zang Music Studio by Mosh Shai, Tel Aviv
Mixed and mastered at Tan Tan Studio by Aran Lavi & Daniel Moshe


all rights reserved



Screens 4 Eyes Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Screens 4 Eyes is an Indie Dream Pop / Electro Rock music project from Tel Aviv.
The band fuses elements of Electronica, Shoegaze, Post Punk and Synth Pop.

The group has released 2 EPs; Ask Me Not (2015) and Behind These Doors (2017).
The songs have received a warm welcome from press and radio worldwide, including features as Album of the Week on several stations.
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Track Name: Screens For Eyes
I met him on a train
Fingers so quick, analytic brain
Took my hand with a promising smile
We made a home, that was good for a while
Typing love words and filtered sunsets
Thoughts of promise turned into cold sweat
One day I have disappeared...
There I went, and under the skies
gave birth to a robot with screens for eyes
Down the mountains, into the wild
wandering me and my robot child
Talked to him like a son and mother
but we could not understand each other
...left him with his robot friends.

Automn came, my haven found
one day I awoke to a roaming sound
As white dust rose to the flaming sun
army of robots came marching down

Him I tried to find
But they all had those empty eyes.
Farewell... farewell...
Track Name: Never Give It All
Hey come here
I wanna tell you about the things I hear
The voices coming back to me
They tell me all about the things I’ve missed
Through the static time
Behind the branches, in the foggy mist
All around me
Left me in the grey with those who
Never give enough
Never get enough
Never give it all
But things are changing now
For me
Things are Changing again

Open door, I can’t ignore
The body wants what it should get
A whisper turns into a shout, into a scream
Into exploding lights

If we’re meant to burn in our own energy, leave no trace
Then let us make it beautiful
And never give it up, never give it up
Let us give it all.
But things are changing now, for me
Things are changing, again.

Pulse wake up, blood break out
Pulse break out, blood wake up
Track Name: Channel To Id
here is the fall you were expecting, there it is, right there
fog that dwelled around the summit
he was falling, she was catching
must have liked it
cause she kind of wanted him to fall again

she said this is real love, it's real love, it's real sex,
why don't you come?
my legs are best around your waist
it's real love, it's real love

it's as substance as the smell of fish along the seaside
it's as substance as the taste of salt along the seaside
it's illusive as the wind that blows along the seaside

how can you shine without getting burned
how can you make it last?
oh, make it last a little longer
and though it only was her echo that replied
he must admit it sounded beautiful at night

it said this is real love, it's real love, it's real sex
why don't you come, why don't you come
a heartbeat test inside your chest
it's real love, not screen love, not screen sex
forget the rest so I am blessed
it's real love

it's as concrete as the rays of sun on skin at summer
it's as concrete as the maddening thoughts that overcome her
it's deceitful as the warmth of you beneath the cover

from the darkest soil
rise the magic balerina
from the deepest soil
spins the magic one
you can dance along with her
you can dance along
Track Name: Secret Life
I feel at home
yet estranged just enough to stay enchanted
and what's behind those windows, behind these doors
must have seen it thousand times, yet never before

in a secret life we show no one
in a secret life we etch streets and faces
telepathic strings they guide our way
wearing different shapes we meet again

playful as we are
sometimes it's easy
then how come we so easily forget?
primordial and fresh, sometimes it's like that
then you reach out and give your hand to a not so stranger

in a secret life we ask no one
in a secret life we can be ourselves
hidden sonar waves they guide our way
wearing different forms we meet again and again and again
Track Name: Night Fog
Voices of day
Are like voices of night
Breaking in with violence, violence, violence into my mind.
I am inside a womb of poisoned walls
They'll sleep with a dead body
And she'll take the money
And she'll never run.
When the night fog is going to fade...
And he said:
Simon, write my sister when you're out.

They will shock him with volts,
She will get all the rest
The notion of time keeps him alive
-keeping her dead
And she - cries when she sings
He- writes words on the ground when there's no one to read

When the night fog is going to fade...

And she said: sister,
Come with me to town,
Come with me to town,
We'll have so much fun,
Come with me to town.
Track Name: Song Of The Sea
Night spread over city
Sparks of light turn into shape
Switching off your mind
Carrying you away
Warmth spreads on the skin
Shade all weight and all defense
Sweetness on my lips
Defuses throughout the veins.
And you take all
Rolling over, crawling under
And you give all back again.

Calm song of the sea
Fine waves washing over me
Close ocean’s caress.

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